Mibase Toy Library Management Software

Mibase provides digital Management Systems, both cloud and desktop applications to Toy Libraries in Australia and New Zealand. Special discounts for very small Toy Libraries. Mibase is accessible and affordable to Toy Libraries small and large.

You are in the Australian branch, if you have a Toy Library in Australia, please contact us, if you have a Toy Library in New Zealand go to our New Zealand Branch website.

Our History

Mibase Desktop was first developed 15 years ago with the help of the Sandringham Toy Library (now called the Bayside Toy Library). After many years of development and input from over 300+ Toy Libraries we can now offer mibase online at an affordable cost to Toy Libraries.

Our Vision

To provide a service to the Toy Library community that will streamline, automate processes and ultimately save valuable volunteer time.

With Mibase now going open source with both the Desktop and online version, our hope is that the open source community will be a vibrant and active place with lots of discussion and many users and developers contributing, all with the aim to improve the way we work in Toy Libraries.

Mibase has all the features you need to run even the busiest of Toy Libraries. However, here are some of the extra features that our users really love.

Seamless Integration

Include your mibase Signup form, Hire Toys, Catalogue into your wordpress, wix, weebly, squarespace website as if it was a part of your website.


Throw away membership forms, Helmet Waivers, Member updates, Jumping Castle Terms and Conditions. One click and its done.


Your paypal buttons and paypal select boxes are included in your payments process, linked to membership categories and Hire charges.

Bulk Emails

Bulk emailing to all members with the ability to insert database fields allowing Libraries to personalize their emails.