MiBase is FREE to download.

Mibase is OPEN SOURCE. The source code, documented setup instructions are absolutely free to download and install.

“Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.”

It’s a great model for providing great software.


If you have concerns please read more about open source here

Going Open Source will have no impact at all on Mibase Online Users.

The price structure for mibase online on the mibase server will stay exactly the same. The cost to buy an installation on the mibase server will be redefined as the cost to setup your system online.

Mibase users will benefit from other users and developers continually contributing to the system’s code and documentation. My hope is that this community will be a vibrant and active place with lots of discussion and many users and developers contributing, all with the aim to improve the way we work in Toy Libraries.

Now that code development will be shared by the community I will be able to spend more time providing a personalized service to my online users.

I’m hoping that other providers will setup mibase servers to provide greater range of choice to you. These providers can cater for specific needs of a user group, ie they may be able to provide local support in a region. You can choose. You can even setup your own server dedicated to your library.

Open Source software is never free, although the code and setup instructions are free, you still need a provider to setup a server, setup your database, do the installation, import data, provide backup, manage support and security. This is the service provider model. You can choose what you pay for and what you get.

I still have some technical work to do to setup the code repository and the community structure and I will keep you informed as I progress.

I welcome feedback. If you have suggestion or would like to contribute to the community then please let me know. The more people helping the better.


Michelle Baird

Developer and Founder of Mibase Toy Library Software