MiBase Australian Server, temporarily unavailable to New Toy Libraries

MiBase Australian Server will be temporarily unavailable to New Toy Libraries till July 2019.

Due to increasing demand, we are unable to support any new Toy Libraries on the Australian Server.

This decision will have absolutely no impact on the Toy Libraries that are currently hosted on the Australian server, in fact we will have more time to assist them in both support and development. The decision not to take on more Toy Libraries was due to the lack of resources to help new Toy Libraries transition from a manual system.

For New Zealand Toy Libraries please contact Daniela https://mibase.co.nz/contact-us/

For the next 6 months MiBase Australia will be putting all its resources into developing the open source version of mibase, and supporting the current Toy Libraries hosted on the Australian Server.

OFFER TO NEW TOY LIBRARIES (offer expires June 2019)

Free setup and 12 months support to any Toy Library willing to host and support at least 10 Toy Libraries on their own managed server.

Share your server hosting costs, let us do all the setup, testing and upgrades, then “hand over the keys” in 12 months for you to manage and support. After the 12 month introductory offer, ongoing upgrades to the installation will be charged at a reasonable hourly rate.